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Bathroom Glass Tiles have become such a trend that it is not only used for showers. Glass tiles can be installed anywhere in the bathroom like vanity walls, countertops, and even floor. You can never use too much glass for this type of installation. However, the right kind of glass should be used in the right area. For vanity walls, bath tub surround base and shower area, most glass tiles are ideal.

Quick Tips on choosing Bathroom Glass Tiles:

* Selection - Crystal Glass (color painted back on a translucent glass) should be a better choice for bathroom because of is liquidly appearance. For floor and countertop applications, cast glass such as Euro Gold is the best bet. It is small in surface size which will prevent cracking or chipping when something heavy is dropped on. Its surface texture is also coarse enough for wet floors to prevent slipping.

 * Preparation - Wet areas like backsplash and bathroom need a cemement based substrate for moisture control. Use anti fracture or crack-suppression membrane under glass tile to prevent cracking due to substrate shift.

* Installation - Use high quality thin set like Laticrete 254 Platimum and non sanded grout. Seal the grout lines after grout is completely cured. For Bathroom application, it is highly recommend using Epoxy adhesive and grout for waterproof installation. It will help resist mildew and mold. Please visit for more information.

* Care and Maintenance - Glass tile has a non porous and low-maintenance surface. It is stain-resistant, and can be cleared of everyday household grime with the wipe of a damp cloth.

Euro Gold Glass Subway Glass Crystal Glass

Solid Color